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We collect topographic ground data delivered in ASCII readable .XYZ to easily work in CAD.

Ready to evaluate aerial topographic work and aerial lidar technology for your business and needing a little more detail or evidence before choosing a platform? SmartProject is a program by SmartDrone for aerial topographic services using the Discovery drone platform.

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On delivery of data, and within 30 days, we will let you credit a portion of service fees toward a Discovery purchase. Use a SmartProject to evaluate our platform and come to a decision with your team.

  • Processed and vegetation filtered lidar ground shots delivered in your datum - for 1 foot contours.
  • Training included. We come prepared to teach you and your field crew what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.
  • Made in Tyler, Texas. Components sourced Texas & U.S. first - then worldwide.

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Guaranteed to meet ASPRS and USGS standards for 1-foot contours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

See through the trees with fast one foot contours.

We will estimate SmartProjects throughout the USA. Estimates include travel expenses. Our primary limit on SmartProject work is time and bandwidth, so if your destination is far from us we may limit the amount of area we bid to scan. 

SmartDrone and its employees or representatives is fully insured as a drone manufacturer in the USA. Our general liability and other policies cover us in every US state but New York. When we provide services, they are provided primarily as a drone demonstration - often we do not need to enter the job site and can perform our work from a safe distance. 

Every member of our team is FAA Pt. 107 certified. Our pilots will perform the missions and operate SmartDrone Discovery completing the job following our best practices and suggested operating procedures. 

A portion of service fees may be applied within 30 days of us delivering the data and completing the project. Contact us for an estimate on your job by filling out the form above. 

Using our 1-click processing suite and unlimited self-service processing (no cloud needed) we review scans in the field to ensure no areas are missed. This type of processing is done without local base correction and is only to check that we didn't miss an area. 

Our one-click unlimited self-service processing suite exports three deliverables every time it runs. They are all .XYZ file type which is ASCII readable (E, N, Up) delivered in your datum. The file types exported every time we process data are: 

  1. Full Result - "Every tree branch and leaf"
  2. 1-Foot Grid - a rastered, vegetation filtered, 1-foot grid of ground shots anywhere lidar penetrated
  3. Grid of your choosing - subsampled from the 1-foot the user inputs any grid spacing they want to see (25 ft, 50 ft, etc.)

For projects up to 250 acres where you have controls in place and can provide us with benchmark datum and coordinates we can often deliver data the same day. Otherwise expect data to be delivered 24-72 hours from the time we leave the job site.